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Meet Creator of Happy Hemisphere, Kylie Flynn

How it all started


IMG_0698Kylie Flynn, CEO and Founder of Happy Hemisphere was inspired to develop a leading happy workplace and customer service consultancy after spending over 20 years in small businesses, retail and customer service industries.

Experiencing the significant difference of an environment where employees were happy confirmed the importance of this aspect in business both from an economic and humanistic perspective.

Wanting to cement her drive and capabilities in this field Kylie embarked on an academic journey where she completed a Bachelor of Business and a soon to be accomplished MBA. So, you will certainly be in good hands.

Kylie then travelled to the US and spent time with leaders in customer service and organisational culture with companies such as Zappos and Delivering Happiness.

“It can often be overwhelming dealing with the humanistic side of business when you are focusing on the more tangible and measureable aspects of business. But the reality is clear in businesses that do place an emphasis on their employees’ happiness. Happiness boosts productivity, profit and growth for the organisation whilst their employees thrive and remain committed and driven.”

Our Mission


Using internationally renowned tools and programs our mission is to support and empower organisations in valuing the wellbeing of their employees in order to co-create a world full of people with purpose, meaning and alignment with one another.

It is only from this space where productivity, profit and true growth can occur with full integrity. Resulting in positive outcomes for the employee, business and ultimately our society.