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“I have known Kylie for around 12 months. During this time I have seen her at least once a month, either at networking events, or seminars. Kylie is a delight to talk to, and even better to listen to while she is presenting. I recently had the pleasure of listening to her give a presentation on ‘being present’. Whilst this topic is very interesting and close to my heart, it was Kylie’s own personal take on the subject matter, and her delivery and command over her audience that quite frankly, blew me away. As part of my job, I get to listen to many public speakers, and attend a plethora of seminars. I myself am a public speaker, and educator in the field of holistic health and wellness. In addition, I lecture on an international stage for the Myofunctional Research Company. I believe that I know public speaking well. Kylie was the stand out presenter for me of 2013, and out of all the networking events I attended, she was the most captivating, interesting and enjoyable presenter to watch. She even had her entire audience dancing at one point. Kylie works hard at her craft, but also has a gift that few people can claim. She is a natural born speaker.”

Dr Dan Hanson, Heal Dental Care