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“To date, I can attribute most of my success as a trainer, retailer and business owner to excellent customer service.  Regardless of your industry, customer service is an essential part of any business.  My business educates future makeup artists and supplies professionals and makeup enthusiasts with beautiful quality tools.

To give our students the edge we enlisted the help of Kylie Flynn from Happy Hemisphere to inspire our students during a personal development day.  Kylie taught our students vital customer service skills and developed their understanding of emotions and happiness in the work place.  I was lucky enough to also sit in on her workshop and I can honestly say of all the customer service lectures I’ve attended, nothing could prepare myself of this…Kylie was exceptional.

She had us laughing, crying and dancing… some better than others.  It’s all in the hips apparently.  But all jokes aside, all our students loved spending time with her and thought the day was heaps of fun, very informative and inspirational.  I look forward to have Kylie back again!”

Michael, Director, Huxley School of Makeup

Gold Coast