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Utilising the latest research in workplace happiness we offer a variety of established tools, programs and initiatives



Workplace Happiness and Culture Programs


We offer a range of tailored programs and initiatives aimed at improving workplace happiness and culture in order to create an environment that your employees want to work in:

•   Core Value Creation and Implementation – What’s your happy manifesto?

•   Happy Checklist Program – Do you have the all the ingredients for a happy workplace?

•   Rewards and Recognition

•   Gratitude & Mindfulness at Work

Contact us to find out more about the dramatic impact of these programs.


Happy Speaking Engagements


Inspire happiness into your workplace with Happy Hemisphere’s CEO and Founder Kylie Flynn. She loves to take her audiences on thought provoking journeys that will not have them looking back.

Who are these engagements for? Businesses of all shapes and sizes who would like sustainable growth through happy, loyal & motivated employees.

Not only does a happier workplace have a utilitarian purpose, there is also an ethical and moral argument for looking after your employees.

Get in touch and we can provide you with a free consultation.

Customer Service Training


We do not offer old style customer service training. We have developed a cutting edge training system that utilises the Seven Secrets to Sensational Service. With this training you will notice a considerable difference in your employees.

We provide a range of Customer Service with Substance and Soul Training courses – from 2 hrs to 2 days. To help you decide on which training is most suitable for your business we can provide you with a free consultation.

We also provide bespoke Customer Service training for online businesses who deal specifically with their customer base via phone or email rather than in person.

Contact us to discuss our programs and training.

Tools – How Happy is Your Business?


The Happy Work Survey is an internationally recognised tool that measures levels of happiness in the workplace. It’s easy to use and based on over 10 years of measuring happiness. This 20 question survey developed by Nic Marks (creator of the Happy Planet Index) measures individual and organisational levels of happiness. You can:

•   Access results immediately

•   See a visual display in an easy to understand traffic light system

•   Complete the survey with confidentiality

The survey uses the latest in wellbeing research and results are benchmarked against 4500 UK & US employees.

Culture Analysis involves a critical insight into your customer service, environment, processes and relationship dynamics.

Organisations can utilise these impressive tools by contacting us today. Try the survey for free here.